June 2022 Retro

Year one.

In the previous retro , I built a pre-launch email list for AdSlicer using Facebook Ads. I was quite happy to collect 101 emails from strangers that were seemingly interested in ecommerce sales attributions.

The next steps were pretty clear: build the tool and blast an email to promote it.

None of that happened.

My lack of external progress was a result of my internal state.

As you might know, I work about 50/50 on freelance dev & this shit (i.e. indie hacking).

The past month I spent a lot of my time just staring at my screen, feeling inadequate, incapable of solving problems. Both my freelancing tasks & AdSlicer tasks seemed way over my head, insurmountable. My confidence in my own abilities were shot.

This kind of retro seems to be a regular occurrence for me, one that comes around every now and then, and I hate repeatedly falling into the same trap. I think that these issues go beyond “the average struggles of an entrepreneur” and has more to do with how I approach life. I think I’m making it worse than it needs to be.

Perhaps somewhat related, this past month was also my 12th month of being unemployed 🤷‍♂️

The longer I stick with this goal of earning money independently, the more I believe that it’s less about quick-wins (at all cost) and more about finding a comfortable pace that I can maintain (indefinitely). If I’m not going to give up then it doesn’t matter when it happens, it matters how it happens. For example, do I want to earn money just for the sake of earning money or do I want to become the type of person who could do it. That “becoming” is the hard part. I purposely don’t want to postpone my life until after I reach my financial goals. I want my life to co-exist with my money making journey and I’m grateful that my current setup allows me to do just that.

Last month’s goals

  1. Build a new MVP of AdSlicer.

    Final grade: D

  2. Tease the launch of AdSlicer to my email list.

    Final grade: F

  3. Launch AdSlicer to my email list.

    Final grade: F

Main events

Partially building a new MVP

Like I said, the majority of the month it felt like I was drowning. Thank goodness for caring partners. Near the end of the month my partner helped me find some clarity on my next steps by putting together a surprisingly detailed Gantt chart of outstanding tasks.

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 10.34.12.png A Gantt chart for AdSlicer tasks.

I’m apparently 5 months behind schedule 🥲.

Even though the estimates are a bit off, her help gave me a foothold for continuing AdSlicer. Thanks Sheena ❤️


This is my lowest total time allocation yet. When I felt like I was making no progress, I stopped the timer.

A breakdown of how I spent my time last month (via Toggl). A breakdown of how I spent my time last month (via Toggl ).

This month’s goals

  • Read a fiction book or part thereof.

    My Twitter timeline is making me nauseous with all the “7 tips to become rich” type of threads.

  • Integrate AdSlicer with a live Shopify store.

    My partner runs Facebook ads for a few ecommerce stores, so it’s the perfect opportunity test AdSlicer.

Thanks for listening to me stumble through life. If you're interested in what happens next, I'll email it to you next month.