Go Team!

Independent people investing in great projects.


Jason Wallace

Software Engineer

A born programmer entrenched in the startup scene. He builds what's necessary and pushes the limits of what's (technically) possible. Hell of a guy.


Sheena Torno

Social Engineer

A software engineer turned social engineer. She restarted her career from scratch to solve the people problem. She uses social media for fun & profit. You've probably clicked on one of her ads before.


Percy Groenewald

Android & iOS Engineer

An avid gamer. He cares more about your project than you do. He builds cross-platform native apps, by hand. He's cool, calm, & collected. Lover of cats. Reader of books.


This is what we've been working on.

Social Hooks

Integrate with social like you integrate with Slack.

Slack has made it incredibly easy to integrate with thier platform. It's as easy posting data to a URL. What if it was just as easy to integrate with Twitter, Facebook, or even Gmail? That's exactly what Social Hooks tries to achieve. It turns a complicated OAuth integration flow into a single URL that you can use to post to (almost) any social platform.

Rethink Social

Helping small-business' scale online sales like a big-business.

When a small-business has a strong brand and is already making a few sales online, then there's no reason why they couldn't be making a lot more sales online. Often times the only thing standing in their way of scaling their online business is their lack of confidence & specific know-how. We help businesses sell more products online by helping them reach more of the right clients, using Facebook Ads.


Every company’s employee referral program.

Word-of-mouth referrals are still the most effective way of hiring new employees. The problem is that most of the time your own employees don’t even know what skills your company is looking for. We solve this problem by sending your employees a weekly email update on open positions at your company. Each email is tracked and any successful hire can easily be attributed back to the original referring employee. Stop paying recruiters and start rewarding your own employees instead.

Good Wash

A car wash for a good cause.

The point of Good Wash is to help struggling members of the community earn a sustainable income. The idea is to provide: credibility through branding, structure through a predictable source of income, basic equipment to get the job done, and the tech needed to accept payments.