Here's a little bit about me.

I'm Jason Wallace, a software developer and entrepreneur.

I started computer programming in grade 10 of highschool, and immediately fell in-love with it.

I went on to study a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Computer Science.

I started my career as a full-time software developer at a local, South African, startup in 2015.

After happily working for four different startups (in series), I quit my full-time job in 2021 to pursue my ambitions as an entrepreneur.

I currently spend 50% of my time as a freelance software developer and the other 50% building software to sell online.

The entrepreneurship part has been immensely difficult so far, forcing me to overcome personal barriers and come to terms with my abilities. I write about it in my monthly retrospectives .

I hope to meet like-minded ambitious people online, in spite of myself.

You can follow my journey on Twitter @jdeanwallace or email me at jason@newidea.io .